Wednesday 12 April Quarter finals
Kick off 9:00PM

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CRN Sale
Tribuna Onore Rossa (C-D-F-G)
€ 439
Poltroncine Rosse centrali (P-R)
€ 419
Poltroncine Rosse (N-O-S-T)
€ 339
Tribuna Arancio Centrale (160-162)
€ 349
Tribuna Arancio (158-164)
€ 329
Poltroncina Arancio Centrale X
€ 329
Poltroncina Arancio Centrale (159-161)
€ 279
Poltroncina Arancio (157-163)
€ 239
Primo Rosso Centrale (B-M-H-V)
€ 249
Primo Rosso (A-L-I-Z)
€ 239
Primo Rosso Laterale
€ 174
Primo Arancio
€ 189
Primo Arancio Laterale
€ 144
Primo Blu
€ 124
Primo Verde
€ 124
Primo Verde - Family
€ 124
Secondo Rosso Centrale (225-227-229-231-228-230-232)
€ 164
Secondo Rosso (223-226-233-234)
€ 154
Secondo Rosso Laterale
€ 144
Secondo Arancio Centrale (261-263-265-267-264-266-268)
€ 149
Secondo Arancio (259-262-269-270)
€ 139
Secondo Arancio Laterale
€ 129
Secondo Blu
€ 79
Secondo Verde
€ 79
Terzo Rosso Centrale
€ 84
Terzo Rosso Laterale
€ 79
Terzo Blu
€ 69
Including 1€ pre-sale


Season ticket holders
From March 21th at 12:00 PM to March 23th at 11:59 PM, every Serie A season ticket holder for the 2022/23 season will be able to purchase for themselves and a maximum of 3 other season ticket holders in the available sectors.
All ticket holders must necessarily be Serie A 2022/23 season ticket holders.

Phase reserved for holders of CRN issued by 8 March 2023
From March 24th at 12:00 PM, CRN holders will be able to purchase up to a maximum of 4 tickets in the available sectors.
All ticket holders must necessarily be holders of the CRN issued by 8 March 2023.

Tickets issued in all stages of sale will not be transferable: name changes will not be allowed.

Any free sale phase will be activated only in the event of residual availability from the previous sale phases.

We recommend to beware other websites than official one, private trades and other unauthorized channels, as they may offer counterfeit or invalid tickets. The Club is not liable for any fraud suffered as a result of purchases from outside the authorized channels.
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