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Your unforgettable experience at the San Siro stadium is just a few clicks away! Choose now your seats and join the Rossoneri for the next home games!

Come to CasaMilan to get your ticket. The ticket counter, right next to the AC Milan Store, is open Monday to Sunday 10.00 to 18.00.
Purchase your ticket in any Vivaticket point of sale in Italy. Find the closest one to you
Buy your tickets in one of the Banco BPM bank branches in Italy


1. When do tickets go on sale for AC Milan matches at San Siro?

Every match has its own criteria and there isn’t a set schedule for every single fixture. For more details on current sales windows, we encourage you to check the following page:

2. Where can I buy tickets?

The official channels are:, the official e-ticketing site which is reserved to those who have signed up to the MyMilan area
- The ticket office at Casa Milan, located inside the Store
- Every Banco BPM branches in Italy - Check here for the full list
- Licensed Vivaticket sales points - Check here for the full list
- The ticket booths at the stadium, open only on matchdays

3. Is the Casa Milan ticket office also open on matchdays?

Yes. On the day of home matches at San Siro, the ticket office will only operate a stadium ticket service between 10:00 and 18:00. Therefore, it will not issue Cuore Rossonero cards on those days. For more information about Casa Milan opening hours, we encourage you to visit the official website here.

4. What time do the ticket booths at the stadium open?

Generally, the ticket booths at the stadium open three hours before the match.

5. Do you need a Cuore Rossonero card to buy tickets?

No, a general sale period is always scheduled which is open to fans without a Cuore Rossonero card. In some cases (especially big matches), there may be a reserved window for Cuore Rossonero cardholders when they can buy tickets before they go on general sale. This process will be explained further when tickets go on sale.
Furthermore, with the Cuore Rossonero also acting as a Fidelity Card, it assists holders in buying tickets when restrictions are applied by the authorities.

6. How many tickets can be bought at once?

When buying tickets, regulations state that each customer can buy a maximum of four tickets. This limit always applies, unless otherwise specified for an individual match.

7. How does free entry for Under-5s work?

Children aged under 5 (5 at the time of purchase) are entitled to special tickets that cost €1 which can be bought at the turnstiles. This applies to every fixture except for the big matches and sold-out fixtures. On the price list for individual matches, it’s possible to find specific information for the relevant match.

8. Is it possible to select a specific seat when buying a ticket?

When buying through the e-ticketing platform, it’s possible to select a specific seat. When buying from a physical shop, the sales assistant will select the best seat available according to the requests made by the purchaser.

9. Are there tickets available which include access to the hospitality areas or parking places?

The price list always refers to the costs of individual match tickets with extra services or benefits not included. To buy packages that include access to the hospitality areas, contact .


1. Do I need a Cuore Rossonero card to buy tickets online?

The purchase of tickets is open to all, apart from in specific restricted periods when sales will be limited to season ticket holders or Cuore Rossonero cardholders.

2. Do I need to register to the Milan website to buy tickets online?

Yes. To access the e-ticketing service, it’s necessary to have a MyMilan account. It’s recommended that you activate your MyMilan account before buying tickets.

3. When I buy a ticket online, what format will it be?

When buying a ticket, you can choose between a print@home ticket (PDF file to print and take to the stadium) or it can be uploaded to a Cuore Rossonero card.

4. What payment methods are accepted online?

VISA, MASTERCARD and DINERS cards are all accepted. For the transaction to function correctly, it’s necessary that the card has a Secure Code 3D function. Furthermore, it’s also possible to pay via a bank transfer through MyBank.

5. I’ve bought a ticket online and received a PDF via email. Is it enough to print it to gain access to the stadium?

If you have bought a print@home ticket with a QR code, it will be enough to print the ticket and present it at the turnstiles along with an identity document from the ticket holder. If you have bought a ticket and uploaded it to a Cuore Rossonero card, take the card to the stadium, the confirmation of the seat number and an identity document.

6. I’ve bought a ticket online. I’ve received a text confirming that payment was processed but I can’t find a PDF document. I’ve not received tickets by email and they’re not in my reserved area. Has the purchase been made successfully?

If you bought a ticket but are having technical problems and are yet to receive a confirmation email, we recommend that you contact the Call Center on (+39) 02 622 845 45.

7. I can no longer find the email with the purchased tickets. What should I do?

You can contact the Call Center on (+39) 02 622 845 45 to ask for the email to be resent with the necessary documents for entry to the stadium. 

8. Do I have to print the PDF with the print@home tickets or can I show it on my phone?

In order for the QR code to be scanned with ease at the turnstile, it’s better to print the PDF that you receive.


1. I’ve bought a ticket but would like to change the seat. Is it possible to do so?

Once a purchase is completed, it’s not possible to change places.

2. I’ve bought a ticket but can no longer attend. Is it possible to get a refund? 

As stated in the terms and conditions, it’s not possible to claim refunds on tickets bought. Should the original buyer no longer be able to attend, it’s possible to sell the ticket to another fan by following the name change procedure available on our site.

3. I’ve lost a paper ticket, what can I do? 

Paper tickets cannot be replaced nor can a duplicate be issued.

4. I’ve lost my Print@Home, what do I have to do?

Contact the call centre on (+39) 02.62284545 and ask for the ticket bought online to be sent again.

5. I bought from a site other than How can I check if it’s legitimate?

The only authorised seller of AC Milan tickets is Beware of buying from unofficial websites as they are often fraudulent and sell non-existent tickets, fake tickets or tickets at a significant mark-up compared to face value. In case you have any doubts, contact the Call Center on (+39) 02.62284545 to receive clarification and a further explanation of the sales process.

6. Can print@home or paper tickets be sold on?

Yes exclusively through the name change service available on our website unless stated otherwise. There is no way of changing the names on a ticket at the stadium. Information about the ticket and the person who is receiving the ticket will have to be inserted and a PDF document will be produced at the end of the process that must be printed and taken to the stadium along with the original ticket. Concession tickets can only be sold to others in the same age category.

7. I need to sell a concession ticket. How do I do that?

Concessions are available for certain age categories (Under-16 and Over-65) and for this reason, names can only be changed to other people entitled to the same concessionary rates.

8. How can I sell a ticket from my season ticket for an individual match?

Season tickets are uploaded to the Cuore Rossonero card and can be sold exclusively to other Cuore Rossonero holders. To transfer the ticket, the card of the person selling will be deactivated for the match and that of the recipient will be activated to work at the turnstiles. The procedure can only be completed through the AC Milan website. It will be necessary to insert the details of both Cuore Rossonero cardholders. After a receipt will be created in a PDF format and it must be printed and taken to the stadium along with the activated Cuore Rossonero card.
Full price season ticket holders can transfer their tickets without any restrictions. Under-5, Under-16 and Over-65 season tickets cannot be sold on. 16-25 season ticket holders can only sell to other fans in the same age band.

9. How can I sell a ticket (digital, uploaded to Cuore Rossonero card) for a single match?

Tickets uploaded to a Cuore Rossonero card can only be sold to other Cuore Rossonero cardholders.  To transfer the ticket, the card of the person selling will be deactivated for the match and that of the recipient will be activated to work at the turnstiles. The procedure can only be completed through the AC Milan website. It will be necessary to insert the details of both Cuore Rossonero cardholders. After a receipt will be created in a PDF format and it must be printed and taken to the stadium along with the activated Cuore Rossonero card.

10. How many times can I use the name change procedure?

Once changed, the name can be changed again if needs be according to the times and methods indicated on our website.
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